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Episode 2

Published on:

3rd Dec 2020


Mini Bonus episode update. 

Hey you. I’m Aziza Kibibi and its my shameless journey of being a self made author that I’m so grateful you listen to on my podcast Self Published. Its been a hectic year but we are all pushing through. I have an update to my posting schedule I want to share starting with new episodes will be available on Wednesdays. Also, I’ll be posting episodes biweekly instead of weekly.

One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur and content creator, is that very often, quality is more important than quantity. I want to allow myself time to bring you well thought out and produced podcast episodes and I simply cant do that rushing. So, while there will be less episodes in each month, you’ll still be getting the complete season plus bonus episodes! Yay!

In addition, please take a listen to a podcast I was a guest on called Speaking of Crime. It’s a true crime podcast that analyzes different types of crime. They also share resources to crime victims. My interview with Jeff, Jia and John was a powerful experience. Make sure you check it out. 

Again, thank you for your support and allowing me to caress your eardrums and penetrate your mind. 

Until next time. 

Be blessed for you are a blessing. 

Speaking of Crime: Featuring Aziza Kibibi- From Victim to Survivor Part 1

Speaking of Crime: Featuring Aziza Kibibi- From Victim to Survivor Part 2

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About the Podcast

Self Published
The shameless journey of a self made author.
One night I decided to write a book...just for me.
It was sort of like a diary. I wrote in my book about being in the hospital with my daughter when she was sick; how I met and married my husband; what it was like when he cheated on me with my sister. You know, regular everyday stuff.

I also wrote how I managed to escape my abusive father, raise the children that I had by him and testify in court about what he did to me as a child.

Yeah, that was one night.

On another night I decided to publish the book that was sort of like a diary. And on that night, like many want to be authors, I dreamed of finding a publisher and collecting a sweet advance because they just knew that my book would sell millions of copies!
But then I woke up...

5 years later I'm podcasting my journey on trying to get my book published the traditional way and learning how to publish it myself, all the while raising my children, working, going to college full time and testifying against our father in court.

Being a writer is a journey. Becoming an author is an adventure!
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